A short history

Shelby Property — 1972 to the present
  • 1972 Water Moratorium Halts New Building in Goleta
  • 1978 30 Acre Shelby Property Purchased by Current Owners
  • 1980 Santa Barbara County Zones the Shelby Property for Agricultural Use
  • 1987 – 2000 Northern Shelby Property Used for an Avocado Farm
  • 1988 – citizens’ initiative Measure J passed in Goleta Water District – prohibits conversion of agricultural water meters to other purposes for most parcels.
  • 1991 – citizens’ initiative SAFE ordinance passed in Goleta Water District (amended 1994) – requires GWD to establish a drought buffer and limits new potable water connections to 1% of total potable water supply annually.
  • 1996 Lot Line Adjustment Splitting the Property into Northern and Southern Parcels (see illustration below)
  • 1997 Cathedral Oaks Road Extended, Dividing the Property at the Lot Line Split
  • 1997 45 Lots Created on the Southern Parcel of the Shelby Property
  • 2001 43 Crown Collection Homes on Southern Parcel Built and Sold
  • 2001 Local Agency Formation Commission Staff Recommend Against Including the Northern Shelby Parcel (hereafter called the Shelby parcel or property) in the proposed City of Goleta
  • 2002 City of Goleta Incorporated (Shelby Parcel Included)
  • 2006 City of Goleta Adopts its first General Plan/Coastal Land Use Plan (the Shelby property is zones for agriculture)
  • 2006 Shelby Owners File Suit against the City of Goleta
  • 2006 Shelby Owners Contribute > $16,000 to Goleta City Council Campaigns (Onnen and Bennett)
  • 2008 City of Goleta Staff Recommend Against General Plan Amendments to Accommodate Shelby Development
  • 2011 Application for Current Shelby Development Plan Complete
  • 2012 City of Goleta Measure G Passes by 71%, Prohibits Agricultural to Residential Conversions without a Vote of Goleta’s Citizens
  • 2014-15 Draft Environmental Impact Reports for the Proposed Shelby Project, and associated Goleta General Plan Amendments, Submitted and Revised
  • Jan-May 2016 City of Goleta staff evaluates Final Environmental Impact Reports for Shelby Development Project
  • May 2016 Shelby Development Project suspended by the City of Goleta due to Measure J — prohibits conversion of agricultural water meter to residential

the original extent of the Shelby property