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June 23, 2016

Lake Cachuma Hits All-Time Low

‘Driest Five Years on Record’ Force Move of Emergency Pumping Barge

The previous low of 27,900 acre-feet of water in Cachuma was reached in February 1991. Within weeks, a series of deluges known as the March Miracle brought more than 18 inches of rain, filling and spilling the lake over Bradbury Dam and ending a five-year drought.

This year, no such miracle is remotely likely, at least until the rainy season begins – if it begins.  :::snip::: To read more: SB Independent, by MELINDA BURNS.

June 10, 2016

Can’t Buy Water in Goleta? Try Carpinteria

Two Developers Propose Water-Wheeling in the Drought

The Carpinteria Valley Water District, deep in debt for state water it says it doesn’t need, will look into selling some of its entitlement to two developers who want to build homes in Goleta.

Voting 4-1 on Wednesday, with Director Richard Forde abstaining, :::snip:::.  To continue: The Santa Barbara Independent, article by Melinda Burns.

May 30, 2016

The Fund for Santa Barbara Grants $8,900!

Received from the Fund for Santa Barbara: “CONGRATULATIONS! SBCAN’s Shelby Foothills Coalition Project has been awarded a General Fund Grant from the Fund for Santa Barbara for $8,900.”

The grant proceeds will be used primarily to cover SFC legal expenses. There will be a Grant Awards Party on Thursday, June 9th, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Lobero Theatre Courtyard. Contact the FFSB to attend.

Click here for more information about the grant making work of the FFSB.

May 19, 2016

Goleta Agencies Throw Cold Water on Shelby Housing Project

In a surprise move, based on a ballot measure from the water wars of the 1980s, the Goleta Water District and City of Goleta are blocking plans for housing on one of the last remaining pieces of historic farmland in the city – at least until the drought is over. :::snip:::   To continue reading: article by Melinda Burns, in the Santa Barbara Independent

April 21, 2016

‘Stealth’ Water Demand Fuels Goleta Growth During Drought

Ban on New Hookups Doesn’t Apply to Developers with Historical Credit, Water District Says

It was a rare victory for Goleta’s beleaguered slow-growth movement when the California Highway Patrol dropped its plans this winter for a patrol station on Hollister Avenue, near the Ellwood School. :::snip::: To continue reading:  article by Melinda Burns in the Santa Barbara Independent

April 20, 2016

Goletans Form Anti-Development Coalition

Shelby Foothills Coalition Resists Proposed 60 New Homes at Shelby Ranch

Battling a proposal to develop 60 homes on the 14-acre land parcel known as the Shelby property, Goleta residents and half a dozen community organizations on Tuesday formed the Shelby Foothills Coalition. :::clip::: for the rest of the story: article by LÉNA GARCIA in the Independent.

For the Press Release, please see:

Shelby Foothills Coalition Forms to Oppose Shelby Development Plan

Today a coalition of Santa Barbara County organizations is announcing the formation of the Shelby Foothills Coalition (SFC). :::clip:::

April 18, 2016

Goleta’s Foothill Views Disappearing Right Before Our Eyes

Mountains, Ocean, and Skies in Danger of Being Lost, Too

The Goleta Grapevine, an online-only section of The Santa Barbara Independent has an important article on the future of Goleta’s foothill and mountain views, including that of the Shelby Ranch, with photos.

George Relles writes, “…There is currently a proposal to rezone the Shelby agricultural property for residential development on Cathedral Oaks in the city of Goleta’s foothills. This would replace views of the lush, green foothills seen here, with views of 60 houses. Except for the Shelby property, most of the foothills bordering Goleta are in S.B.County’s jurisdiction. If Goleta doesn’t protect the views of its own foothills, how can we expect the county to protect the rest of them? …”

How, indeed?  Relles continues:

 “People who think that Goleta views and aesthetics do matter can still make a difference. As Goleta is revising its zoning code, the public has an opportunity to insist that strong zoning measures are put in place to strengthen and re-enforce protections for the aesthetic quality of Goleta. As the Shelby project comes forward with its final EIR and goes to Goleta’s Planning Commission, residents need to step up and testify that they want views of foothills protected.



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