Gallery of images shared from the “Shelby Final Development Plan”

The header image above was taken recently at 7400 Cathedral Oaks looking north across the Shelby property to the mountains. The others in our Web Gallery show the overlay of the development plan and artist’s drawings of the residences.

1-Original Shelby property boundaries, with south of Cathedral Oaks section; 2-Present Shelby property boundary, north of Cathedral Oaks; 3-project with the lots delineated; 4-project with houses on the lots; 5-artists’s drawing of residence; 6-artist’s drawing of residence elevations; 7-Shelby Project as seen from Cathedral Oaks, without proposed landscaping. Graphics are available in the Shelby Plan on the City of Goleta website.

Click on the thumbnail version for a larger image.

For more about the Plan, as prepared by the Santa Barbara architects, civil engineers, and project managers, along with public comments submitted during the process, click here.

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